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Friday, April 18

Enemy 1:30pm

Rebels With A Cause 5:15pm


Saturday, April 19

Rebels With A Cause 1:30pm

Child's Pose 3:00pm

Rebels With A Cause 5:30pm

Child's Pose 7:00pm


Sunday, April 20



Monday, April 21

Child's Pose 4:30pm

Rebels With A Cause 7:00pm


Tuesday, April 22

Rebels With A Cause 1:30pm

Child's Pose 3:00pm


Wednesday, April 23

Rebels With A Cause 5:30pm

Child's Pose 7:00pm


Thursday, April 24

Child's Pose 4:30pm

Rebels With A Cause 7:00pm




Child's Pose

Directed by Calin Peter Netzer

Starring Luminita Gheorghiu

Romanian with English subtitles

1 hr 52 mins, rated NR



The top prize winner at the Berlin Film Festival, Calin Peter Netzer’s sharply crafted Child’s Pose pivots on a riveting performance by Luminita Gheorghiu as a steely, well-to-do Bucharest architect determined to keep her 30-something deadbeat son out of jail after a deadly car crash. How far will she go to convince the police, eyewitnesses and even the victim’s family that her son was not recklessly speeding? A spellbinding drama of social commentary and psychological realism, this caustic look into the corrupt heart of the Eastern European bourgeoisie twists into a brilliantly ambiguous study of obsessive motherly love. Savagely witty and utterly engrossing, CHILD’S POSE is also the Official Romanian Entry for Best Foreign Language Film at the 86th Academy Awards.


Rebels With A Cause

Directed by Nancy Kelly and Kenji Yamamoto

Starring Frances McDormand


1 hr 12 mins, rated NR



A stunningly beautiful new film narrated by Frances McDormand, REBELS WITH A CAUSE spotlights the rebels, a group of citizens from many walks of life, who fought to establish public parks next to a densely populated urban center yearning for access to nature.


Beginning in the 1950s, a national movement was born of principles that may seem obvious today. Unconvinced by land developers who promoted residential construction as unmitigated progress, citizens began banding together to preserve open spaces near where they lived. Narrated by Frances McDormand, REBELS WITH A CAUSE is filmmakers Nancy Kelly and Kenji Yamamoto’s retelling of the story of the schemers and dreamers who fought to keep developers from taking over the breathtaking landscape of the northern California coast. REBELS WITH A CAUSE describes in fascinating detail how dedicated conservationists raised Californians’ awareness of their power to promote change.











Movie Prices

General Admission: $8

Senior (65+): $7

Cinema Club Members: $4

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Upcoming live events @ The Mos'Art Theatre...

Opera & Ballet in Cinema Prices

General Admission: $18

Cinema Club Members: $16




Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs







This young group of performers from Standing Ovation Performing Arts will wow you with their talent and passion for the stage!


All our old friends, plus a few new ones, are here in this marvelous musical adaptation.  We’ll meet the captivating Princess Snow White, the prince, the evil queen and, of course, the seven mischievous dwarfs — Sarge, Gabby, Gloomy Gus, Ticklish, Spritely, Snore, and Slowpoke.  There’s also a hilarious palace cat and an enchanted vixen — a fox, you could say!  Following the traditional storyline, the fairy tale is brought to life with an eclectic score of toe-tapping tunes.


Also including some selections from The Rockin' Tale of Snow White!


$12 Reserved Seating

$8 Students Reserved Seating


Friday, April 11, 2014 at 7:00 PM

Saturday, April 12, 2014 at 3:00PM

Sunday, April 13, 2014 at 3:00PM


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