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How I Prevented Acne Under My Beard

acne on beard

Just because you’re growing a thick beard and hiding your acne, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do something about the skin underneath. There are quite a few reasons why you shouldn’t, and we’ll get into that below, but I thought I’d lend my experience: I’ve had acne almost my entire life (or what seems like it), from the end of middle-school all the way up until now. I’m 35 years old, and still trying to hide my acne or my face – that was until I researched more tips on promoting better beard health through the famous Grooming Adepts website and found the answers I was looking for.

Why Hiding Acne Under a Beard is Bad

One of the primary reasons you don’t want to hide your acne underneath your beard hair is because you’re promoting moisture and the possibility of infection where you can’t see it. Beyond this, the beard hair you have may promote bacteria in open pores or acne scarring that hasn’t healed yet, which can further promote infection.

What May Cause Acne Underneath Your Beard

Besides not washing well enough, another way that you’re promoting acne underneath your beard is by sleeping on old pillowcases. By old pillowcases, we mean ones you haven’t washed in quite a long time. Night after night post-workout, you come home and sleep on the same pillowcases and tell yourself you’re just going to shower in the morning. When you sleep in filth, your skin responds accordingly. We’ve all been there – way too tired beyond belief post-work and post-workout. While understandable, you should look towards healthier habits to promote a better skin care regimen.

Speaking of working out, those that sweat a lot without cleansing the area with a shower will ultimately see more acne underneath their beard. We think that shifting your schedule to work, workout, shower, and then bed will allow you to reduce your acne immensely.

Another reason why you may see acne under your beard is not shampooing or cleaning the area often enough. Just because it’s located near your mouth, and just because it’s hidden, doesn’t mean you don’t have to take care of that area, too. Forgetting about that area can lead to a smelly beard, more acne, and even infection, as we mentioned.

Before we get too deep into this topic, something else you should consider is your eating habits. When you eat greasy foods, especially without washing your face after, and touching said face with greasy fingers, you further promote a dirty environment. Lastly, we think that genetics play a huge role in how someone’s skin responds to diet, hormones, and stress. While the aforementioned aren’t the only reasons someone may get acne underneath their beard, they are top contenders.

Investing in a Facial Cleanser

Whether you shampoo or not, (we highly encourage it), you should always invest in a great facial cleanser. The easiest thing a man can do to his beard is run a great smelling product through it. You should invest in one that’s also a shampoo, so you can knock two birds out with one stone. Be sure to look for great ingredients within these products like chamomile, to combat any type of inflammation your skin may be dealing with. There are also ingredients like lemon grass to ensure your beard growth can get a little kick in the butt.

Other Products You Should Try Out

While we’ll recommend lots of vitamin-rich and herbal products, we think that the most important type of product to use, no matter what kind of skin you have, is moisturizer. Without, may suffer from more itch than normal, dry skin, flaky skin, and of course become more acne prone. Don’t over use moisturizer though, and don’t forget to wash your face post-sweat session with Olay Prox’s face washer, as you may become more susceptible to acne. Even those with oily skin should use moisturizer to help their skin regulate their oil.

Argan oil is another fantastic product, as it promotes healthier skin and a healthier beard, while being lightweight. Anytime someone heard the word “oil”, especially myself, working in the industry, I think of a cloggy mess. While some can actually clog your pores when they’re too heavy, investing in the right one means that you’re going to get your skin back on track.

Once you’ve created the perfect regimen for moisturizer, and cleanliness, you should see better skin within a few short weeks – maybe even sooner! Before you jump into the world of a plethora of products, you should always make sure you’re not allergic to any of the ingredients, and that you won’t have any adverse reactions.

Over the Counter Medications

Before I head out and take care of my own beard, I should warn that those who are buying over the counter medications should look for ones that contain salicylic acid over the benzoyl peroxide, as the peroxide can create an unevenness in color within your beard. Beyond this, you can damage the shafts of the follicles!

Scalp Massage for Thinning Hair and Hair Growth: Does it Work?

head massage for hair growth

What could be more relaxing than a soothing scalp massage? While there’s little doubt that a relaxing scalp massage has therapeutic benefits, some people are using this technique in hopes of stopping hair loss and promoting faster hair growth. Does scalp massage for hair growth really work?

How Is Scalp Massage for Hair Health Carried Out?

Massage oil is usually applied to moisturize and lubricate the scalp. The balls of the fingers are then used to knead the nape of the neck and the entire scalp for anywhere from five minutes to thirty minutes. The lucky recipient of the massage may experience a scalp tingling sensation along with a deep sense of relaxation during the process.

What Are the Benefits of Scalp Massage for Hair Health?

The massage oil used during the scalp massage helps to lubricate the scalp which may be beneficial for dry hair and scalp. In addition, the kneading motions used in the massage treatment can be quite relaxing because of the many nerve endings located in the scalp. It’s thought that massage may lower blood pressure and cause release of “feel good” hormones known as endorphins which help to elevate the mood.

Does Scalp Massage Help With Hair Growth?

Unfortunately, there’s no evidence that scalp massage works for treatment of thinning or slow growing hair. Although the kneading motions of the massage may stimulate blood flow to the scalp and help to nourish it, its effect on hair growth has never been proven. Because scalp massage helps to reduce stress, it could have some effect on the rate of hair growth by reducing levels of stress hormones such as cortisol. Stress and elevated cortisol levels have been associated with hair loss in some people. This probably holds true only for people who are stressed in the first place.

Other Causes of Thinning Hair?

If hair thinning or slow hair growth is a problem, other causes should be ruled out such as thyroid disease, diabetes, or a hormone imbalance. It’s not uncommon to experience thinning hair during menopause as hormone levels fluctuate. Even certain medications can cause thinning hair. If hair loss or hair thinning is a significant problem, blood work may be needed to rule out underlying medical problems. Hair loss can also be related to nutritional deficiencies and inadequate protein levels in the diet, as well as not consuming enough calories.

The bottom line? While scalp massage may be beneficial for stress reduction, it’s probably not the answer to thinning or slow growing hair.