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This week's movies @ The Mos'Art Theatre...



Like Sunday, Like Rain

Directed by Frank Whaley

Starring Leighton Meester, Debra Messing, Billie Joe Armstrong


1 hr 44 mins, rated R


Surrounded by wealth and living with abundant resources in Manhattan, 12-year-old cello prodigy and all around genius Reggie, lives a solitary, bookish life lacking only frequently absent parents and friends.  Estranged from family, having slacker boyfriend troubles, and fired from her waitressing job, sometimes musician 23-year-old Eleanor needs a new place to live and a new job.


Fate winds her lovely fingers around these two lives to unexpectedly place the inexperienced Eleanor as the new au pair for a skeptical Reggie and the music in their hearts and souls intertwines to create this beautiful story about discovery and acceptance.









The Last Five Years

Directed by Richard LaGravenese

Starring Anna Kendrick, Jeremy Jordan, Tamara Mintz


1 hr 34 mins, rated PG-13


THE LAST 5 YEARS is a musical chronicling a love affair and marriage taking place over a five year period. Jamie Wallerstein (Jordan) is a young, talented up and coming novelist who falls in love with Cathy Hiatt (Kendrick), a struggling actress. Their story is told almost entirely through song.  All of Cathy’s songs begin at the end of their marriage and move backwards in time to the beginning of their love affair, while Jamie’s songs start at the beginning of their affair and move forward to the end of their marriage. They meet in the center when Jamie proposes.


“It’s easy to fall in love with Anna Kendrick and Jeremy Jordan in this heart-breaking musical two-hander, as they retrace a love affair from opposite ends.”-Peter Debruge (Variety)


“From moment to moment, this Last Five Years is a robust entertainment, often stirring, sad, and funny.”-Alan Scherstuhl (Village Voice)


“A very funny, deeply affecting portrait of love lost and found.”-Stephanie Merry (Washington Post)



Thursday, April 30

Leviathan 5:30pm

Deli Man 7:50pm


Friday, May 1

Like Sunday, Like Rain 2:15pm

The Last Five Years  4:15pm

LIVE: The Freefall 7:00pm


Saturday, May 1

The Last Five Years 3:00pm

Like Sunday, Like Rain 5:00pm

The Last Five Years 7:00pm


Sunday, May 1

The Last Five Years 2:30pm

Like Sunday, Like Rain 4:30pm

The Last Five Years  6:30pm


Monday, May 1



Tuesday, May 1



Wednesday, May 1

The Last Five Years 5:30pm

Like Sunday, Like Rain 7:30pm


Thursday, May 1

The Last Five Years 4:00pm

Like Sunday, Like Rain 5:45pm

Planetary 7:40pm












Movie Prices

General Admission: $9

Senior (65+): $8

Cinema Club Members: $4

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Upcoming live events @ The Mos'Art Theatre...






The first Friday of every month!









Welcome to The Freefall, brought to you by your lovely Hostess with the Mostest and Head Honcho of LYRICAL INK, Jeanette Hickman.


The Freefall.

A place that asks the artist to simply take a step- be courageous, be brave, step up onto the stage.


A place that asks our audience to be ready, be accepting, be supportive. Be ready to catapult our artists higher than they ever thought they could reach. They are not just free falling, they are trusting you to catch them.


Our stage is open. Our seats are ready to be filled.


Extraordinary is calling… What will you say?



We are excited to offer the artists of South Florida a platform that has the potential to launch you to the next level. We are hoping that those diamonds in the rough will find The Freefall as a place to shine. Bring your best.



If you are an artist that would like to perform, please plan on choosing your spot on our sign up list at 7pm.


If you are an audience member, please plan on being a part of an incredible night of performances that begin at 7:30pm. You may want to arrive early to choose the best seats in the house.




Join us after the show at The Brewhouse Gallery next door for live bands, food trucks, coffee, art, and more! Connect with the artists that you saw perform, make new friends, and experience one of the coolest new spots in South Florida!









Don't miss this once in a lifetime opportunity when three of the worlds best tribute bands get together on stage for one night only at the Mos'Art Theatre in Lake Park!


April 11th @ 7:30pm

@ the Mos'Art Theatre

$20 - Reserved Seating




A tribute of Billy Idol music with...




the music of AC/DC with...



Tickets are $20 and are available at www.mosarttheatre.tix.com







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