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Dormant Beauty

Directed by Marco Bellocchio

Starring Toni Servillo and Isabelle Huppert

Italian with English subtitles

1 hr 55 mins, rated NR



“Persuasive, delicately textured… Don’t let this one slip through your fingers.” - Stephanie Zacharek, Village Voice


FOUR STARS “[A] tough, poignant drama … with an overarching humanism that gives equal weight to the many feelings stirred up by this hot-button situation.” - Keith Uhlich, Time Out New York




2012 Venice International Film Festival

2012 Toronto International Film Festival

2013 Los Angeles Film Festival


Eluana Englaro becomes a national tragedy in Italy when the decision is taken to put an end to her life after seventeen years of vegetative state.


This drama will affect the lives of four characters having their own beliefs. A senator, struggling to vote a law with which he profoundly disagrees, is torn between his conscience and his loyalty towards the leaders of his party. His daughter, a pro-life activist, while demonstrating in front of Eluana’s clinic falls in love with Roberto, who is with his brother in the opposite group, advocating secular values.


A famous actress turns towards faith and miraclecures in hope of bringing her daughter out of an irreversible coma, thus neglecting her son who longs for his mother’s love. And the beautiful Rossa, lost in despair and determined to die, is saved by the young doctor Pallido and reawakens to life.


These converging stories are connected by a unique emotional thread: a reflection on the meaning of life.








Friday, July 18

Dormant Beauty 5:15pm

A Short History Of Decay 7:30pm


Saturday, July 19

A Short History Of Decay 1:00pm

Dormant Beauty  3:00pm

LIVE: Cabaret Saturday 7:00pm


Sunday, July 20

Dormant Beauty 2:45pm

A Short History Of Decay 5:00pm

Dormant Beauty 7:00pm


Monday, July 21




Tuesday, July 22




Wednesday, July 23

Dormant Beauty 5:30pm

A Short History Of Decay 7:30pm


Thursday, July 24

A Short History Of Decay 5:30pm

Dormant Beauty 7:30pm







A Short History Of Decay

Directed by Michael Maren

Starring Bryan Greenberg, Emmanuelle Chriqui, Linda Lavin, Harris Yulin


1 hr 34 mins, rated NR




A SHORT HISTORY OF DECAY tells the story of Nathan Fisher (Bryan Greenberg), a thirty-something Brooklyn “hipster” whose writing career is stalled, much to the chagrin of his ambitious live-in girlfriend, Erika (Emmanuelle Chriqui). When she unceremoniously dumps him, Nathan retreats into a depressive funk, not knowing where to turn – finish the novel? Work on the play? – when he gets a call from his brother (Benjamin King), in Florida telling him their father has been hospitalized. Racing down to “snowbird” central, Nathan finds his father (Harris Yulin) on the mend (albeit grumpy), and his normally addled mother (Linda Lavin) a bit hazier than usual. His quick visit turns into an extended stay during which he discovers that his aging parents are actually in much better control of their lives than he is. He also meets a woman (Kathleen Rose Perkins)- his mother’s manicurist, no less – who is the polar opposite of Erika, but who may just be exactly what Nathan needs.













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